Car travel bag

I suggest keeping a car travel bag packed that includes the items you need when hiring a car overseas. Some of these items may duplicate things you use in your car at home; I advise getting duplicates and keeping them in the bag because otherwise you will forget to bring them.

My bag has:

  • A tire pressure gauge (see a few tips)
  • A USB charger that plugs into the car’s cigarette lighter (for instance:
  • USB charging cables for cell phone, iPad, Kindle, etc. (a bit longer than usual, so your devices don’t need to be right next to the plug-in)
  • A window mount for your phone, or whatever you’re using for navigation
  • An audio cable, for connecting your phone or iPad in those rare cases when the car doesn’t have a USB plug-in (or Bluetooth). I used to have an RCA audio cable as well (for French cars) but these days a USB or standard headphone jack is usually available
  • My international driver’s license
  • A lucky charm, because, you never know

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Driving in France. French cars used to use RCA audio cables, but these days you can usually get by with a USB. Photo by the author.