Foreign Driver Rating: !!! clearly you enjoy a driving challenge

There is no single factor that makes Jordan a driving challenge, but it’s not quite mellow enough for a “!! not too bad” rating. The road quality is acceptable, although there are some poorly-maintained sections. In the suburbs of Amman, nearly every major road intersection has an underpass which is kind of wonderful (now if only they could do that in London…).

I guess the thing that pushes Jordan over the edge into challenging is the really bad urban planning, which means a lot of roads and intersections are utterly random and require you to have your wits about you. In general, Jordan is on its way to becoming a Middle East driving paradise like Oman or the UAE, but it’s still a bit too poor. It’s probably best to use a road obstruction canary when you can. In more remote areas, you’ll find a fair number of dirt roads, usually well-maintained; and of course on the border with Saudi Arabia it’s all sand.

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Jordan, looking out towards the empty quarter. Photo by the author.