Foreign Driver Rating: !! not too bad

Uruguay is basically Argentina but well-governed. Instead of Argentine-style mass executions of leftists, Uruguay let the leftists win elections and form a government, where they turned out to be not as bad as everyone feared and mostly interested in things like infrastructure and education. As a result, unlike Argentina, Uruguay has infrastructure and education (sorry Argentina).

And that infrastructure includes roads, although not always perfectly-maintained roads. Still, driving is generally easy, and really a pleasure on Montevideo’s coastal road. There is some poor urban planning in the hinterlands. And you’ll find some pre-car roads in Montevideo and the popular tourist spot of Colonia del Sacramento.

As of 2017, to return the car to the airport you park it in front of the terminal, and then run in and tell the Rent-A-Car desk you’ve left it there.

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(Left) A pre-car road in Colonia. (Right) Returning a car at the airport, you park it in front of the terminal and go find the agent at the desk inside. Photos by the author.