History Repeating

What history’s greatest moments of political turmoil tell us about today’s extraordinary politics.


Business Standard

Wealth Secrets of the 1%

A satire on the art and economic science of getting marvelously, obscenely rich.

LEFT: UK Edition (2016); RIGHT: US Edition (2016).

A subtle, between-the-lines indictment of capitalism as it is mostly practiced these days … Eye-opening.

Kirkus Reviews

Country and Political Risk (Series)

Discover the latest thinking on managing geopolitical and macroeconomic risks for the banking, insurance and asset management sectors.

LEFT: 1st Edition (2004); RIGHT: 2nd Edition (2014).

A collection of essays by an impressive mix of mostly country risk practitioners … All together these essays make very useful and accessible contributions to the complex topic of country risk which is only becoming more difficult to manage with the rise of geo-political risks.

Mina Toksöz

Former Head of Country Risk, Standard Bank International

Kimchi Matters (Series)

Take a crash course in country analysis from a business school professor and three leading practitioners.

LEFT: Original Edition (2003); RIGHT: Updated Edition (2014).

Powerful … may be the first [political risk] book for businesspeople that presents its case with such clarity and insight.

Harvard Business Review